Your First Dance – The Do’s And Dont’s

How many of you are fed-up with viewing First Dance Wedding Videos? *my hands in the air waving madly*. Well me too! Watching a bride and groom fumble around  boogie movements in which they are not effective at to some song which just isn’t passionate is a sight to leave in the past! Let’s bring the First Dance back to basics with the 3 main elements – the romance, the actual track and the slow dance.

Vintage themed marriage ceremonies continue being popular regarding 2014, targeted at the 1940’s, 1950’s and 1960’s – probably the very best eras for love within music. Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Etta James, Dusty Springfield, Elvis Presley to name just a few of the best artist’s for First Dance songs. Bang up to date First Dance songs tend to be offerings from Adele, Michael Buble, James Morrison and also James Blunt.

In the past the first boogie has been typically any waltz, despite the fact that ballroom grooving developed a huge comeback, it’s a talent that most people don’t possess. If you do want to perform a “Strictly” style ball room boogie there are many dance schools that focus on First Dance routines to ensure that First Dance is something to remember for all the right reasons!

When selecting the actual track as well as dancing style, think about the wedding band you have chosen to play at your reception. they may be able to advise you on selecting a suitable track for your First Dance, or if you have already chosen your preferred track you may need to give the wedding band some notice as they may not be familiar with it. Also look at the type of wedding dress you’re planning to wear. A tight fishtail will allow minimum movement, and a lengthy, flowing dress may be a hazard as regards tripping while boogying along  (especially after a few glasses of champagne!). A tight bustier dress, may be uncomfortable to move in and may be revealing, especially during forwards bends, unless of course you would like the guests to see something you could have preferred to save for your partner later!

When is the First Dance Usually Performed?

The initial dance is usually done following the wedding ceremony meal and cutting of the cake. If you are having guests arriving later on in the evening it is good to hang about and postpone the First Dance until they’ve arrived. The DJ or perhaps MC will mention the bride and groom as well as clear the dance floor, reminding guests to have their cameras at the ready.

Tradition sees the parents of the couple joining them on the dance floor, as well as the farther sharing a dance with his daughter, and the groom dancing with his mother. Then the bride and groom switch to grooving with their in-laws. The best man dances with the chief bridesmaid and so on. But usually it becomes a free-for-all at this stage. Plan selecting your next song with this in mind. I recommend choosing something lively and up-beat to get the crowd in full swing.

My Top 10 First Dance Song Suggestions:

  1. Nothing’s Real But Love – Rebecca Ferguson
  2. Someone Like you – Adele
  3. Arms – Christina Perri
  4. I Won’t Let You Go – James Morrison
  5. Marry You : Bruno Mars
  6. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long – Seal
  7. Hey There Delilah : Plain White T’s
  8. When A Woman Loves – R Kelly
  9. Just The Way You Are  – Bruno Mar
  10. Marry Me – Train

My Top 5 Suggestions for a Vintage Wedding Theme First Dance:

  1. At Last – Etta James
  2. Can’t Help Falling In Love — Elvis Presley
  3. What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
  4. Unforgettable — Nat King Cole
  5. Everything — Michael Buble

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