How to Select the Perfect Wedding Band for Your Special Day

A beautiful wedding is the dream of many women. Brides strive for a perfect day, a perfect dress, and a perfect ceremony to match the perfect groom. But with so many details to cover for the big event, selecting music to make your reception extra special sometimes gets forgotten. There is so much music to choose from, that selecting the perfect music for your wedding can be overwhelming.

Decide on a Live Band and/or DJ

There are two main decisions that you need to make when it comes to selecting your desired wedding music and they really go hand in hand. Whether you want live musicians or a DJ or a combination of the two really depends on what type of music you’d like at your reception. If you want a mix of popular songs sung by the original artists you’ll need a DJ to spin those tunes. On the other hand, if you’d like pieces performed by vocalists and instruments then a live band is the better option for you.

Ask Friend’s for Advice

Talk to a friend who’s recently gotten married. Inquire about their experiences. Ask for advice and helpful tips about what they did that they liked or what they would’ve done differently. They may even be able to recommend a suitable wedding band, or suggest some song selections for your big day.

Listen to the Band’s Music

It is important to know what a live  musician could sound like on your wedding day, and especially how  the musicians you decide to hire will sound. This is why any good wedding band should provide you with many video  and audio clips before you decide to book them. You  should be completely convinced that the music will sound as beautiful  as you imagined, and will be performed at the level you deserve.

Select Music Genres That Will Please your Guests

Selecting a professional quality Wedding Band that play a mix of Top 40 hits, classic pop and rock, hip hop, reggae, funk, R&B and soul, would be a perfect fit for your wedding. A band that can perform multiple genres of music will appeal to all your wedding guests, young and old. A band that can also provide quiet dinner music, but then has the ability to rev it up for the after-dinner celebrations would be an ideal asset to any wedding reception.

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