A Simple Guide to Booking Your Ideal Wedding Band

Your wedding is one of the most significant events of your life and music plays a major role in its success. A wedding band can be an integral part of making your wedding the kind of wedding you’ve always dreamed of and a celebration your wedding guests will talk about long after it’s over!

You will find many professional quality livewedding bands who are very reasonably priced but also possess the talent to make your reception the event you hope it will be. And the good news is you won’t likely have to break the bank to hire one. A Wedding Band will be one of the least expensive elements of your reception. It has been said that the entertainment you choose for your big day yields “the most for the least”. So don’t short change yourself. Be sure to budget enough to get the very best wedding band you can afford and you’ll be sure to have lasting memories of an incredible wedding day.

With DJ’s, or with wedding bands, you’re going to need a playlist of up to 60 songs for the wedding reception. Most brides and grooms want a good variety of all musical styles for their event. Unless you want an all Beatles wedding, a salute to hair bands of the 80’s, or a tribute to Jerry Garcia and the Dead for 3 hours, a great wedding band can give you the mix of songs  you want. Get referrals from other professionals who regularly hire or work with bands. Consult experts like wedding or party planners, event and sales managers of venues, and vendors such as photographers and caterers. You may also consider asking for advice from other brides who have had bands at their wedding reception. Reading wedding band reviews and testimonials on the internet will also give you some guidance.

Popular bands may be booked as many as 12 to 18 months in advance, so be sure to begin your search as soon as possible. The most popular wedding bands get snapped up early so make this one of your top priorities when organizing your wedding. Be flexible with your date – Don’t immediately lock yourself into a date because the fairy tale castle that you have your heart set on has (for example) July 16th open which is the day the two of you met. Consider compromising by getting married on Sunday the 17th because that date is available at your dream castle, and the wedding band that you’re leaning toward is also able to play on that date. Consider a Friday night or a winter wedding as most weddings take place on Saturdays during the Summer months. Many wedding vendors and venues will also offer a considerable discount for hosting an off-season event.

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